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Dust Balls (Pablo Did It Much Better)

Could God or Fate or Nothing

Have looked under us like a rug,

Lifted us up, pulled us back

Looked past the lint and dust balls

To find some hidden treasure;

A coin, a marble, a lost receipt?

Can water pistols taste

The sweat due beads that form

In them after

They are left in the sun by

12 year old boys on hot August days?

Can apples and oranges

Lose their minds?

What does the angry bus

Driver see that you can’t?

Do New York and York still talk

At family reunions?

Are words simply advertisements

For thoughts?

Who is the publicist for the butcher, baker

And the candlestick maker?

Should the MBA for the GOP re-write the Bible

In bullet point? Should the Communist Party

Hold a fundraiser to solicit tax-deductible donations?

Should Proctor & Gamble invent

A personal hygiene product

For people with too much time on their hands

And name it “Time Off?”

Does truth need a new marketing plan or

Does it need to conduct an agency search?

Do stocks and bonds ever resent being traded?

How many middle level managers named Bob Evans

Are playing softball on any given Sunday in June?

Can somebody from India be a cowboy?

What would happen

If there were no more salesmen?

If art is business

And business is art,

Then is anything really anything?


Kenneth Dolin

KENNETH DOLIN is an actor, poet and occasional corporate servant living in LA. He has been to Brooklyn. Twice.


The Brooklyn Rail

JAN-FEB 2002

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