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James Siena, Gorney Bravin + Lee

James Siena’s exhibit at Gorney Bravin + Lee is his third one-person show in New York City. He is showing 12 small paintings made over the last two years, and a large group of intimate drawings in the back room. This is a tremendous show.

The Art World Responds to 9/11

“Windows of Hope”, “Taste of Brooklyn”, “Concert for New York” – some World Trade Center- related benefits have been more directly related to the attack than others. In October, more than one hundred and fifty art dealers organized group shows of donated work under the name “I Love New York”.

Catherine Murphy, Lennon, Weinberg

Catherine Murphy shows the eight paintings and three drawings that she has completed since her last show in 1998. Her works employ a disconnected realism in the service of fundamentally abstract formal concerns.

Friends & Mentors The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

In any curatorial effort with regard to a specific theme, it is essential that the works of art chosen appear cohesive as a group. For some time now, the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center has repeatedly mounted indiscriminately curated group exhibits.

Joe Brainard: A Retrospective PS1 Contemporary Art Center

Scruffy but fluid, disguised in a wide array of visual vernaculars, Joe Brainard went incognito: the artist, usually identified by a single style or a coherent, lifelong project, is in this case unrecognizable. Brainard moved to Manhattan in 1962 at age 20, where he lived until 1994, when he died of AIDS-related pneumonia.

Joe Brainard at Tibor de Nagy and PS1

The retrospective of Joe Brainard’s oeuvre at PS1, and seventy-five works at Tibor de Nagy share threads of a vision where intimacy and fear, hilarious fun and ruminative moments mix intangibly with a freshness of execution. In books, drawings, collages, flower paintings and cut-outs, this inclusive artist often assembled or serially ordered his smallish works.

Reflections on Alfred Jensen

Born in 1903, Alfred Jensen belongs to the heroic generation of Barnett Newman (1905 - 1970), Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956), Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970), Myron Stout (1908 - 1986), and Forrest Bess (1911 - 1977). Jensen is one of the greatest abstract painters of his or any other generation.

Opened Ground: Kathleen Moroney

“Right as rain” is the expression that came to mind when I visited Kathleen Moroney’s installation “Opened Ground”.

Bruegel The Elder: Drawings and Prints at the Metropolitan Museum

Even before I began my art education, Pieter Bruegel the Elder was one of the first painters I fell in love with, even though I did not know what it was that attracted me to his work.

Any Where Out of The World at Parker’s Box

Alun Williams, founder of Parker’s Box, has a penchant for changing the rules of the game.

JOE FIG Project Room and Work in Progress

In Project Room, a three-person show at P.S.1, and in Work in Progress, a solo show at the new and very small Plus Ultra Gallery, Joe Fig presents his dioramas of artists in their studios.


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