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And Balanced With This Life, This Death (Genoa, the G8 and the battle in the streets)

The walls went up around the old quarter of Genoa, enclosing the group of 8 (G8) and their cohorts.

You Evil Victim!

My daughter Sandra is eight years old. She is a really funny girl.

WTC: The Construction and Destruction of a Building as Global Brand

The attacks on the World Trade Center have represented two very different types of loss.

The Ever-Broadening War

Across Europe, as in the rest of the world, a kind of obsessional speech has proliferated that attempts to resolve the enigma of September 11.

The Battle of Seattle and Beyond

Commager, a historian, launched his criticisms at the outset of the cold war, a period during which freedoms of speech or association would be anything but sacrosanct. Such repression was justified

Be All That You Can Click ON!: Military Propaganda in the Information Age

The contemporary US Army—at least the one that was being marketed to American teenagers before September 11, 2001—has been selling a softer experience than the Army of yore.

Something is About to Happen

Although it feels irrelevant to contemplate Nietzsche’s prophetic writings in the weeks after September 11, especially sitting where the World Trade Center’s shadows used to be, it also has a reassuring effect.

Opinion: A Power Plant by Any Other Name

For awhile, back in the summer, the company that wants to build a huge new power plant on the North Brooklyn waterfront was calling itself CleanPoint Energy.

Operation Enduring Suffering: Meditations on Justice

We are surprised to find that we are not transformed. We have had our individual and collective moments of fear, panic, anger, and clarity.


Michael Bloomberg’s recent election as Mayor establishes a very dangerous precedent: that candidates can circumvent the city’s 4:1 campaign financing system, the most progressive of its kind in the nation, and fund their campaigns out of their own endless pockets.

Daggers, Airplanes, and the Lure of a Certain Garden

On September 12th my flight to Tehran was cancelled.


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