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Jihad In Brooklyn: Just What We Do Every Day

“‘Adib’ means analytical one, someone who can figure things out,” according to Adib Rashid, the imam of the Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifa in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Power to the Poets

When Jesús González is finished giving an interview, he looks directly at you and says, “Excuse me, I have to go”

Another Really Outstanding Article

The current trend in everyday conversation is to use large words- grand, or rather, grandiose words.

Against the Giuliani Legacy

The three previous installments of this series critically explored the “new” New York of the Giuliani administration via redefinition of “quality of life” and the war on crime, “decency” and the free market, and, most recently, welfare-to-work and the war on the city’s poor.

Lower Manhattan: Let the Public Decide

In the days after the catastrophic attack on the World Trade Center, many spontaneous moving memorials to victims appeared throughout the city, in places like Union Square, the Brooklyn Promenade and various triage information centers for victims’ families.

Pie in the Sky or in the Oven Baking?: The 2012 Olympics in Williamsburg

Members of NYC2012, the privately funded non-profit group serving as New York’s Olympic bid committee, came to Williamsburg community groups over a year ago with a slickly packaged plan to make the five boroughs over into an Olympic city.

Autumn in New York

“We’re basically extended brothers, all of us,” says a New York City firefighter.

Hell in a Hand Basket: An Election Postscript

From now on it is axiomatic that anyone willing and able to spend an obscene amount of their own money to run for any public office, in this case an estimated $50 or $60 million to be Mayor of NYC, is a serious candidate, no matter how loopy they may be in any other aspect of their lives.

Bay Ridge’s Boiling Pot? A Neighborhood Responds to September 11th

In Bay Ridge after September 11th, families put out an outstanding display of their patriotic loyalty, with the stars and stripes waving from every house and apartment doorway. Every storefront sported this look as well, an admirable and probably necessary gesture amidst this sudden surge of patriotic fervor.


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