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Mayor in the Middle?

The Mayor hates politics. Oxymoronic as that statement sounds, it in many ways should have been clear from the get-go.

Isaiah Berlin and Meyer Schapiro: An Exchange

Isaiah Berlin and Meyer Schapiro, the eminent philosopher and the great art historian, first met in the 1940s, either at one of Schapiro’s invited lectures at Oxford or during Berlin’s brief employment with the British government’s Information Services in Washington, D.C. Schapiro had later attended Berlin’s six famous Mellon Lectures on Romanticism at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in 1965.

Art In Conversation

Rackstraw Downes

Early one July morning, the Rail’s publisher Phong Bui visited the painter Rackstraw Downes at his loft on the top floor of an old Fluxus-converted building on Greene Street.

A Tribute to Leon Golub (1922–2004)

Remembering Golub by David Levi Strauss; Leon Golub 1922–2004 by Clayton Eshelman; A Tribute: Leon Golub by Phong Bui

Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective

In a soot drawing from 1958, executed with an oxyacetylene torch, brightly highlighted, tendon-like shapes rise up to a gaping, muscle-ringed hole from which stares a blank eyeball.

Books In Conversation

Brian Kim Stefans with Mónica de la Torre

The first time I heard about /ubu books was after a reading by Mike Scharf at the Bowery Poetry Club. I paid $5 for Verité, a printout of the pdf on UbuWeb.

Books In Conversation

Matthew Sharpe with Erinne Dobson

Matthew Sharpe is the author of Stories From the Tube, a short-story collection, and Nothing Is Terrible, a novel, both published by Villard. His breakout novel, The Sleeping Father, was published last winter by Soft Skull Press and quickly won him accolades, including being made a Today Show selection.

Theater In Conversation

Diane Torr with Sonya Sobieski

This September, New Georges theater company will produce Manfest, a festival geared to challenge gender assumptions and spark conversations extending far beyond the event’s two week duration.

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