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DoDo Jin Ming

Water Fire Earth Air
Laurence Miller

DoDo Jin Ming,
DoDo Jin Ming, "Free Element, Plate XXXI" (2002). DoDo Jin Ming. Courtesy Laurence Miller Gallery, New York.

May 20th Saw DoDo Jin Ming photography show at Laurence Miller Gallery. Incredible stormy ocean photographs. You know, she finds places that are really dangerously stormy and she ties herself on a rope and descends down upon the storming furious angry ocean waves to take her pictures. She risks her life for the picture, imagine that. Turner and DoDo Jin Ming, both so incredible. I had once a friend, he said once that the intensity of the piece of art one makes is proportional to the energy one puts into it, be it psychic, physical or whatever. I have been thinking about the truth of it for fifty years. He may have been right.

It was at DoDo Jin Ming’s opening that this woman comes to me and says, "You know what happened to my husband (Italian photographer, age about 35)? He went to see your film (As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw a Few Glimpses of Beauty). He watched the film and got totally involved with it. Then, five hours later the film ends and you know what? He cannot get up. His legs don’t move. An ambulance had to be called. Doctors fixed him up but theory could not find any explanation for what had happened to him. The only theory they could come up with was that he got so totally involved in the images, in the seeing, that at some point the nerves controlling the rest of his body got disconnected. They had never had such a case."


Jonas Mekas

JONAS MEKAS has often been called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema."


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