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Meera Nair

Meera Nair’s debut collection Video (Random House 2003) is set in modern-day India, Bangladesh and the United States. In these 10 stories, Nair’s characters are affected by Hindu-Muslim communal violence, politics, social reform, and above all, different forms of longing. In the collection’s title story,

T Cooper: Portrait of a Young Novelist

I met T Cooper for the first time in Santa Fe in late December. Sitting in a cozy café just a short distance from the galleries of Canyon Road, we chatted for a few hours over some mint tea and a very fine piece of toast. We talked about her fiction, her travels, and what it takes to make art under the current military-industrial regime.

Off the Shelves

On May 4, 1886, Chicago’s anarchists and radical labor leaders gathered in Haymarket Square to protest ongoing police violence against the movement for the eight-hour workday. Although some leaflets in circulation at the event called "workingmen … to arms!!!," most of the speakers at the rally discouraged any resort to violence.

Anne Waldman, as told to Ellen Pearlman

Anne Waldman just had a major retrospective work, In the Room of Never Grieve, published by Coffee House Press. She co-founded the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, as well as co-founded the Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University with Allen Ginsberg.


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