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Traub in the City

Toward evening, well before Traub expected it, came a notable transformation in the face. The nose became more and more accentuated, like a blade, the cheeks grew hollow, the skin began to tighten.

Contributer's Note

The Beatles first movie, Hard Day’s Night was released. By that time Martone had let his dark brown hair grow longer like most of the other boys in his school, and the longer hair increased the occasions when he received comments about his uncanny resemblance to the singer/songwriter. He imagined that he could see something around his eyes, the drape of his lids,


For the last six months of his life Sal stayed up late every night, drinking and playing a game using a set of figures he kept on a shelf, called Shimmer. The figures were adapted from old Christmas ornaments, pipe cleaners, used corks, bottle caps, anything that came to hand.

On the Other Side

The airline refuses to take our money. "You don’t have to pay until you’ve arrived at your destination safely," says the woman at the desk, chewing on the ends of her pony tail between breaths.

Short and Lame

I scope the distance between roof ridge and ground. Long Knife leans out of the car window, looks at me and frowns. "Hector gets distressed when you do that," she says.

The Tarantella

Goldipunzel lived in a beautiful, large apartment with varnished wooden floors overlooking the Gowanus Canal. She had long flowing hair the color of daffodils. She owned only three things.

"Near the School's Playground"

Near the school’s playground, the park table at which she had sat was a checker/chessboard with opposing chairs. Making a pair of miniature snowpeople commanding an arrangement of twigs and stones in and about the squares made for some play for a time, she was sad to have to go.


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