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Curious Crystal of Unusual Purity

As I’m writing about Curious Crystal of Unusual Purity, Bob Nickas’s latest group show manifesto at P.S.1, WLNY is broadcasting Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), in which the crew of the Enterprise, now middle-aged in Stardate 2286, must time-travel back to San Francisco in 1986 to retrieve a pair of humpback whales, repopulate the species on Earth of the future, and save mankind from an alien whale-seeking probe.

German Drawings and Prints from the Weimar Republic (1919–33)

Though overshadowed by the superb collection and exhibition program housed in the nearby Neue Galerie, an institution that solely specializes in the art and design of the German and Austrian Expressionist movements, two small shows at The Metropolitan Museum of Art offer a glimpse of the conflicting visions of German culture in the interwar period.

Karel Funk

Karel Funk’s show of eleven untitled acrylic paintings at 303 Gallery is very much realistic portrait painting in the old school sense.

Six From the Seventies: The Last Years of Modern Photography and Evidence of Impact: Art and Photography 1963-1978

To your right, as you walk into Howard Greenberg, Frank Gohlke makes a few poker-faced jokes about parking lots, planting a bush in the center of his frame or leading you in with a few well-positioned arrows painted on the road.

Counter Culture New Museum of Contemporary Art

If nothing else, Counter Culture is a clever solution to the transitional state that the New Museum—along with most museums—is in: it is an effort to find a middle ground between the new $20 admission at MoMA and the Star Wars exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Darren Bader Rivington Arms

Darren Bader seems preoccupied with the point of intersection between the real and the fictive. Hence his fascination with film, his interweaving of myth and personal narrative. Hence his use of real world objects, primarily food, as sculpture at Rivington Arms

Yeardly Leonard Elizabeth Dee

The tradition of American geometric painters has tended to aspire to a less idealized order of Platonic absolute.

Bush League Roebling Hall

Bush League wades the well-swum waters of expressly political art with a group of paintings, sculptures, and videos that levy a critique of current politics and policy in America.

Joanna Pousette-Dart

How do two planes meet? Forget Henny Youngman for a second, this is the kind of question that painters often worry over.

Field: Science, Technology, and Nature Socrates Sculpture Park

Fields are supposed to be wide open spaces, but Field: Science, Technology and Nature at the Socrates Sculpture Park this summer was just too wide open for its own good.

Margrit Lewczuk All of Me Maier Museum of Art, Lynchburg, Virginia

Margrit Lewczuk’s new paintings, the Phosphorescent Paintings that make up this exhibition at the Maier Museum of Art in Lynchburg, Virginia, are a trip into an artistic terra incognito; a realm without signposts or guiding historical precedents, literally, a walk in the dark.

DoDo Jin Ming

May 20th Saw DoDo Jin Ming photography show at Laurence Miller Gallery. Incredible stormy ocean photographs.

Seeing Other People Marianne Boesky Gallery

What do the curatorial selections of fifteen gallery artists reveal about their own contemporary practices? The obligatory summer group show at Marianne Boesky gallery presents everything from narcissism to thoughtful reflection about the nature of artistic reciprocation.


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