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How the Other Half Lives

If the number of hours that women have spent dissecting the words and actions of the men they love were put toward something like solving world hunger, everyone in the world would have a Salisbury steak and a lollipop.

On Michael Lally

Michael Lally, author of over twenty books of poetry, has experienced much of what twentieth-century North America has had to offer—discrimination, Hollywood, sexual revolution and war.

In Conversation

Brian Kim Stefans with Mónica de la Torre

The first time I heard about /ubu books was after a reading by Mike Scharf at the Bowery Poetry Club. I paid $5 for Verité, a printout of the pdf on UbuWeb.

In Conversation

Matthew Sharpe with Erinne Dobson

Matthew Sharpe is the author of Stories From the Tube, a short-story collection, and Nothing Is Terrible, a novel, both published by Villard. His breakout novel, The Sleeping Father, was published last winter by Soft Skull Press and quickly won him accolades, including being made a Today Show selection.

Off the Shelves

George W. Bush and John Kerry: they share New England roots, Yale, and Skull & Bones. Is there nothing to separate the two?


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