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Are Heterosexuals Worthy of Marriage?

If matrimony is such a sacred institution, why is it left entirely in the hands of heterosexuals?

Beggars' Banquet

Quite often these days I’m stopped on the street by a young person with a clipboard who asks me if I want help defeat George W. Bush. When I answer, as I always do, that "I am for the violent overthrow of the United States government and therefore not a big voter," I get a blank stare.

The Strange Odyssey of Pierre Mac Orlan

His was a life of adventures more clandestine than spectacular, and I marvel at the ordinariness of this brick abode that stands austere and silent.

Isaiah Berlin and Meyer Schapiro: An Exchange

Isaiah Berlin and Meyer Schapiro, the eminent philosopher and the great art historian, first met in the 1940s, either at one of Schapiro’s invited lectures at Oxford or during Berlin’s brief employment with the British government’s Information Services in Washington, D.C. Schapiro had later attended Berlin’s six famous Mellon Lectures on Romanticism at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in 1965.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2004

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