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Bring on the Iraq Syndrome

In the 1960s Tom Hayden was a founder of the Students for a Democratic Society, a member of the Chicago Eight, and a leading figure in the movement against the Vietnam War. His latest book, Ending the War in Iraq, was published in June by Akashic Books.

Dark Hopes for Peace in the O.T.

On a gorgeous late afternoon I follow an energetic boy through his father’s desert garden on a hillside. It has been another sweltering day, but by now the weather is cooling off nicely out here in the country.

Letter from Bad Heiligendamm

As might be expected, the June meeting of the G8—the annual economic summit of the world’s most powerful countries—was met by massive demonstrations.

Kenneth Foster and the Texas Death House

Kenneth Foster’s time is running out.

Rant Rhapsody: On Duty with Officer H.

Officer H. is a handsome man in his mid-forties. He has a perky, inquisitive nose and eyes set a little too close together. If he was a cartoon animal he’d be a white mouse.

Excerpt from Lincoln Ocean Victory Eddy

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