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A Few Good White Men

Living up to its back-of-jacket testimonials (from no less than Eno, Kate Bush, and Nick Kent), Joe Boyd’s new memoir White Bicycles is indeed a must-read, especially for those in need of a hype-free perspective on an over-discussed, over-analyzed, and over-sentimentalized era.

Diamanda Galás with Sergei Tcherepnin

Vocalist Diamanda Galás, a pioneer of extended vocal technique, continues to amaze and confound listeners not only because of the terrifying power and range of her voice, but also because of the gravity of the subjects that she chooses to address.

free 103point9: Ten Years of Transmission Arts

I’m standing in Williamsburg’s Black & White Gallery with a portable radio in my hands and a pair of headphones fit snugly in my ears.

The New New York Songstress

The New York songstress is not so easily defined. Breaking out of genres, blending formerly opposing sounds, she absorbs everything around her to invent a style that is completely distinct and as vast as the city itself.

Third Party Beethoven

Strange as it sounds, sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to a virtuoso string quartet play some of Beethoven’s most sublime compositions, I kept thinking about Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.


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