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Dimensions in Music

A century since its inception along the Rio de la Plata, tango has lost none of its power, with fresh incursions into big-screen (and small-screen) romance, the club scene, and, with most telling intensity, jazz.

Dr. Homme’s Laboratory

Less than ten years since the release of their self-titled debut album, Queens of the Stone Age have presented us with LP number five.

What is Avant-Pop?

Avant-pop does not shy away from the immediacy of the mainstream hit, and insists on hooks at their most puerile and perverse.

Culture Matters

Having accepted Thomas Sowell’s great thesis —that differences among peoples commonly attributed to race really reflect culture—I was struck by two CDs that have recently appeared. Both contain American music sung by men trained in the classical operatic tradition.

Because I Said So

Miracle Fortress: Five Roses (Secret City Records); In Our Nature (Mute); Elk City: New Believers (Friendly Fire); Oh No! Oh My!: Between the Devil and the Sea EP (Dim Mak Records); Black Strobe: Burn Your Own Church (Playlouder Recordings)


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2007

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