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Getting Blasted: Sarah Benson with Caridad Svich

It’s been thirteen years since Sarah Kane’s Blasted premiered at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in a 1995 production directed by James Macdonald. Since that time and the explosion of the ‘in-yer-face’ (as defined by critic Aleks Sierz) theater movement, British writing has taken a turn in the fallout of the Blair years toward work that is more contained and less classically-based or driven.


“I dropped the cell phone on a puddle of baby poopy today.” This normally would sound like a snip of dialogue from one of Sheila Callaghan’s plays, visceral and strange, but for the recent mom it’s reality.

In Dialogue

Extraordinary Jokes with Savianna Stanescu

We’ve all sat in the back of a cab, glimpsing the driver’s area. Squinting to get a better look at the name on the license, listening to the music playing in the background, wondering who they’re talking to on their mobile. Maybe we’ve even tried to cross the divide, after a late night in Manhattan, making intoxicated, possibly annoying, small talk.

Four-Play: WaxFactory's blind.ness at PS122

The papaya is posing a problem. Erika Latta, co-artistic director of WaxFactory, is rehearsing a sequence during which she scoops the flesh from a papaya with her fingers, cramming the fruit into her mouth. She then lets it dribble slowly back out, forming a bright orange mound of mush in front of her.


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