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Pina Bausch Returns to BAM with Bamboo Blues

Traveling the world with Pina Bausch is as easy as buying a ticket to the theater and watching one of her evening-length works. When you witness one of these spectacles, each of your senses is tapped: from the incredibly elaborate and illusory sets, to the blend of live music, spoken word, and the sounds of bodies in motion; from the evocative interplay between characters, to the visceral exposition of sensations.

Childhood Play as Wild as She Remembers

In November, HERE Arts Center artist–in–residence Faye Driscoll presented 837 Venice Boulevard, a 59-minute dance theater piece inspired by the raw emotions of childhood and the often violent relations that erupt from child play.

Garth Fagan’s Phone Tag, Thanks, and Things? No, Thanks.

Good dances are about bodies, what bodies can feel and do, “what,” as choreographer Joe Goode explains, “the body knows.” Garth Fagan’s dancers’ bodies know something different, which is why, when you watch them, you see insinuations of traditions—Graham, Horton, Limon, African and Afro-Caribbean dance—comprise something completely different.

Puzzlingly True

More than a congruent theatrical piece, the dance and technology fusion entitled True, performed this November at Japan Society, feels like an extra-ordinary series of events in which light, sound, objects, and movement all perform with the same force.

Dance Films Association’s 37th Annual Dance on Camera Festival

Once again, Dance Films Association and The Film Society of Lincoln Center are ushering in a new year of dance with the annual Dance On Camera Festival.

Epistolary Therapy: Sixty

Looking back on a life can lead in multiple directions. Self-reflection, for many, leads to the doors of others, or in the case of Risa Jaroslow, the mailboxes.

One Human Being at a Time: A Visit to Elizabeth Streb’s S.L.A.M.

Elizabeth Streb's company specializes in PopAction, a style she describes as "a mixture of slam dancing, exquisite and amazing human flight, and wild action sport."


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