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French Street Artist Dreams of New Starts in Brooklyn

Koralie, a street artist from France, has had to make a few compromises since becoming a mother of two. Her taste for risk-taking—which led her to empty streets of cities around the world to coat entire walls with art graffiti—has faded somewhat.

Willamsburg’s Poet Laureate: Yom Tov Ehrlich

In the November 6 issue of the New York Review of Books, Harold Bloom predicted that “the vibrant Yiddish language, fused and open, questioning and celebrating, someday will be no more.”

A FIERCE Fight in the West Village

It’s cold on the Christopher Street Pier in the wintertime—not the kind of place you want to stand still after the sun sets and the wind whips off the Hudson. For a lot of New York City teenagers, however, the Greenwich Village waterfront is the best place to be in any weather.

Y-Act: Mexican-American Students Fight for Educational Equity

When Kara Gagnon was a high school senior in Dalton, Massachusetts, she didn’t give much thought to the fact that there were four guidance counselors for the 140 students in her graduating class. But moving from suburban Dalton to Brooklyn made her realize how privileged she and her peers were.

The Underground Economy

At Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, where I am the Senior Minister, we held an experimental underground economy on the night of the full moon this November. We will hold a second on December 12—the next full lunacy—starting at 8 in the Judson Gym.


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