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WEB EXCLUSIVE: From Outrage to Stage: George Packer’s Betrayed

The story of how George Packer’s play Betrayed was produced would be a dream if it weren’t borne of a reality that’s so maddening and so tragic.

In Dialogue

Channeling Inge: Marcia Cebulska, Catherine Filloux, Caridad Svich, Lydia Stryk and Alice Tuan with Adam Kraar

In the 1950s, William Inge was one of America’s most successful playwrights, with a series of significant Broadway productions. Then, for many years, his plays fell out of fashion.

In Conversation

Hello Failure, Kristen Kosmas with Heidi Schreck

I have to admit I stole this title off the internet. Someone asked me to make a play a couple of years ago and I was feeling like I didn’t know how to do anything, So I said Sure! I’ll make a play! And it’s going to be all about failure! So I Google searched the word (not something I normally do, and not a way I normally write but) and I found all these curious facts and artifacts and websites—one of them is called The Institute of Failure—that one is really beautiful—if it still exists—and one of them was a blog called Hello, Failure with the sub headline “failure is the new success!” I’m not sure I agree with that last part, but I liked the words hello and failure together, the welcoming of it—it seemed sane to be so friendly toward it but I didn’t like the comma! Somehow the comma closes down the phrase for me. I can’t explain it exactly. It’s intuitive.

Room for Cream? Always

After watching Episode Four of Room for Cream, the red-hot lesbian soap opera currently running through June at La Mama, it was clear that the audience didn’t want to leave.

Images of Emotion

Integrating video technology has long been a staple of downtown performance, from the pioneering work of Vito Acconci to the intricate spectacle of the Wooster Group.

The Evolution of a Theater Company

Susan Mosakowski and Creation Production Company, the company that she co-founded with her partner Matthew Maguire, are spending a lot of time lately thinking about evolution.


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