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When He Moved, It Mattered: PATRICK SWAYZE

Even before his death on September 14th, a mood of tribute surrounded Patrick Swayze. He sat with Barbara Walters and talked about dying with as much charm as he’d ever done anything, and all of a sudden there wasn’t a dog in Hollywood mean enough to bite him. I shan’t be the first.

Asking for It

It’s a capitalist truism that we all have our price. In times of catastrophe that’s not just a figure of speech.

Too Much Moore

Michael Moore’s new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, epitomizes all for which Moore is already notorious. In a sweeping indictment of the free-market capitalist system, Moore turns a hugely complex and exciting argument into a simple little lesson of Anne Coulter-level common sense.

DVD Culture

DVD Culture

As I sat through all ten hours of The Human Condition at the Film Forum (shown in three three-hour complete stand-alone films: The Human Condition: No Greater Love (1959),
 The Road to Eternity (1959), and 
A Soldier’s Prayer (1961) ), my jaw hanging open and my ass not in the least tired, I wondered how it was possible that I had never seen or heard of this film.


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