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Huddled together off the coasts of the Antarctic, North America, and Greenland, are glaciers weeping like meltwater widows. Stopping their tears is a global priority.

A Brave “New” Coney Island?

The actors ran barefoot on a sandy beach and projected their lines over the cries of seagulls. The audience sat in 1,500 white folding chairs on a boardwalk across from a mural of Henry Hudson’s landing on Coney Island.

A View from Ocean Parkway

Growing up in Detroit during the Great Depression, renowned folk artist Malcah Zeldis didn’t think her dream of becoming a painter would ever be realized. And for decades it wasn’t—until she set up shop in Brooklyn.

Archives: The Complaint of New Amsterdam

Given the recent celebrations of the arrival of Henry Hudson and the Dutch here in 1609, it is certainly worth noting that this year also marks the 350th anniversary of poetry—and some would say publicity—in our city.


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