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In Conversation

Alex Katz with Phong Bui

Alex Katz's exhibit Fifteen Minutes will be on view at Pace Wildenstein through June 13, 2009.

Picasso Selon Freud

I begin with a drawing of 1906, from Picasso’s Rose Period, the era of circuses and Saltimbanques.

RAILING OPINION: How to Look at Postmodern Painting and Its Criticism

Entering the avant-garde art world in the 1950s, I was reared on modernist painting and its attitudes.

In Conversation

James Little with Benjamin La Rocco

James Little's exhibit De-Classified: New Paintings will be on view at June Kelly Gallery through June 9, 2009.

In Conversation

Robert Lawlor with Christopher Bamford and Dorothea Rockburne

Robert Lawlor, whose book Sacred Geometry has had a great influence in reawakening us to the importance of geometrical principles, symmetries, and proportions—not only for art and architecture but also for science and consciousness studies, speaks with Dorothea Rockburne, Christopher Bamford, and Robert Lawlor.


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