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Taking The Blame

A fat man with bulging eyes—in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s universe of visual metaphors, clearly a corrupt soul—drives down a deserted highway lined tightly with arrow-straight pines.

Are You Jealous Yet?

What is infidelity? The evergreen question vexed shaman and spouse alike well before Facebook; the new independent IFC/Filmscience release Alexander the Last asks it again.

The Blonde

Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie was a commercial failure, and ill-received by critics at the time of its 1964 release. Despite its lack of success, Marnie is a visual masterpiece and a complex, unsettling, psychological drama.

“You Sin in Thinking Bad About People—But, Often, You Guess Right”

"It is not always easy to explain our country to foreigners. In Italy the slowest trains are called “fast” and the evening news comes out in the morning,”

DVD Culture

Terence Stamp provides his singular, incomparable combo of beatific calm and smarmy menace.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAY 2009

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