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The Hunting Party

Funny how the past answers the present. So Gordon Lowe thought when recalling the events of one November that threw his life into chaos. At the time, he found himself drawn to reassuring events and faces that he knew from hunting for so many years, loving the aroma of steaming coffee in the stark morning and the sounds from a 12-gauge shotgun as its owner loaded and cocked the weapon

On the Nisqually

Whether on a ferry or in queue to board, Sleep would wait until the last moment before starting her car. Her father had taught her this; her mother later taught her through emulation to despise any neighboring motorist who did not act in kind.

Sometimes a Pet

And so I dreamt—not for the first time, nor the second, nor for the third nor the fourth nor the fifth, but for the sixth (and for what I hope is the final time)—about the cat who used to make his bed in the alcove...

RERUNS REZOOMED: a serial novel

Jack watches as Mary, the beautiful yet predatory extra-terrestial, gets vaporized before his eyes. He is taken to a sex club by a band of rogue scientists and barley escapes with his life.

Tragic Strip

On the Passage from Insult to Injury that At Last Made a Mockery, a Stooge, of Man and Brought Out the Dregs of Society--the "Mac" Syndrome.


He hated his job, hated his boss, hated his associates, hated his office furnishings, hated his secretary, and felt enslaved to his father-in-law, the company’s owner.

An excerpt from the novel Grit

Sunlight. Chilly. It’s morning. Another day to get through. Just a few people, but they’re dressed for work.


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