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FEB 2012

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FEB 2012 Issue

Excerpt from Evelyn

Tiffany makes a loud groaning scowling sound.


Tiffany, do you have something to say?

Tiffany spits.


I want a change.


The way to change—


I don’t want to change, you dorkus-maximus, I want a change. I like how I am. I’m great.


Not for long.


It’s everybody else here.

It’s all these nobodies here.

I mean, where the hell are we?

What’s this woods?

Who owns that castle?

Who are the people who come here to work?

Who are these trolls?

Why is there never any end to the day?

I haven’t been here two months.


One endless day.

That’s how long I’ve been here.


I have a prescription for that.


One endless crackling nightmare of a day.

Surrounded by you grubs.

You wormy little beasts.

This place is nowhere.

And you are nothings.

And I don’t care if they take me away.

Let them take me.

You think I like kindness?

Murmur-y voices?


Talk to Brooke. You’ll sing a different tune.


I won’t.

Give me the whips and the chains.

That’s more my style.

Give me the open beds.

Give me a bunk.

Put me in a camp.

They can watch when I shit.

I don’t care.

Let them.

It’s fine.

It’s what I want.

It’s what I deserve.

It’s what I’m good for.

A human shitting specimen.

I can’t be here anymore. Sitting with you all.

Talking talking talking.

I don’t want to talk.

I’d rather dig holes.

I’d rather take the steady drip.

I’d rather –

You.  I think you’re fakers.


Julia May Jonas


The Brooklyn Rail

FEB 2012

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