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End of the Line in the ICU

Some first-hand observations of a place where there are few gentle good nights.

WITHERED AND BURNED: Some Lessons from Texas

Until recently, Americans thought ecological threats occurred in faraway places.

DOC NYC: Gotham’s Documentary Film Festival

“In my mind, New York City is the world’s documentary capital,” says Thom Powers, Artistic Director of DOC NYC, an all-nonfiction film festival that runs from November 8 – 15. “More documentary makers live here than anywhere else. And New York is full of great stories.”

Holding Court

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court began its 2012 term. This month, Americans will decide whether President Barack Obama gets a second term in office. So Jeffrey Toobin’s latest effort, The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court, could not be more timely.

A City in Crisis

Thai Jones’s More Powerful Than Dynamite is written in the spirit of a-year-in-the-life of Gotham, tracking events, both minimal and momentous, that took place in 1914 (give or take a few years). A century can seem a very long time ago, yet, in Jones’s book, 1914 seems almost like yesterday.

Science’s Last Romantics

Historian John Tresch’s first book, The Romantic Machine, concerns itself with complicating the binary invoked by its title: the opposition, long entrenched in Western culture, between the romantic and the mechanical, and all of the ancillary antagonisms that this divide conjures—emotion versus reason, spirit versus matter, artists versus technocrats.

The Brooklyn Rail’s Player-of-the-Year, 2012

Volumes of horse race punditry notwithstanding, the 2012 presidential campaign seemed like anything but a day at the track.


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