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Week 13

Emily Flake cartoons for the New Yorker and other, less savory publications. She and her husband recently had a small, female baby, who looks almost nothing like a fish.

Professor Greyhound’s Poetry Tests

Keren Katz is the illustrating half of The Katz Sisters duo. She is also the half that is not fictitious. They are currently collaborating on the graphic novel “Roll Call, the story of an attendance sheet.”

Dark Tomato

Sakura Maku is the creator of Dark Tomato, a story about an MTA subway driver named Prince Tamlin Tomato.”


Andrea Tsurumi is a Queens-based illustrator and cartoonist currently pursuing her MFA at the School of Visual Arts. You can check out her latest work at or at, the food stories illustration blog she shares with Keren Katz.

Single Girl, Chicken Soup

Connie Sun is an Asian-American cartoonist from California, currently working in higher education. She cartoons daily at, Monday through Friday.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley has these blogs:,,

Spooky Action at a Distance

It’s when the cop is punching my face that I make the decision. I decide to go look for my sister. My whole life I’d indulged in a stupid thrill, a very risky habit. In the middle of the night I’d sneak through the town and deface posters of the beloved president.

Vestigial Features

Over the phone, Mitch says I’m oversexed. Because he’s only my stepbrother and a swaggering hockey god, Mitch feels entitled to take liberties. Over the phone he’ll tell me things he cannot say to my face.

from the novella
A Familiar Beast

MaryAnne was seated in a booth by the window. Her narrow chin rested on the palm of her right hand as she read a plastic-sheeted library book.Marcus sat across from her. “Sorry to interrupt your night.”

If a Body Meet a Body

“Forgot my ID.” “Again?” She blinked up at him, fresh towels piled around her. “I’m a terrible person,” he said, flashing a lopsided smile and bowing his head in stage shame.  She laughed.


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