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all the doors are thrown open, and passengers flood into the hallway . . . he returns to his cabin and gathers his belongings broadcasting from the captain’s cabin

For the Voice, For the Fragile Echo

The machine burns its words into the voids of the cloth, droning the conversation stitch by stitch into the triangles of the shoulder and the indentations of the waist, as concentric circles in a legendary organization of whatever is clamoring in the heart.

Six Enclosures from Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge

forthcoming from Dorothy, a publishing project Oct. 2013 People kept saying other people were fleeing the city and pointed to themselves. We became third persons, but not arrogantly so. I referred to myself as “Ana Patova,” and said, “Ana Patova must have left.” For a moment I thought I would sell my home and wrote in our newspaper, “Ana Patova wishes to sell her home; she is leaving.”

[Untitled Summer Journal Project #10 Revisited]

Every summer since the summer I lost my virginity…I’ve wanted to keep a diary, or rather to buy a brandspanking new notebook (a Mead® black marble composition book, “Wide Ruled” like a Homeric epithet) at the beginning of the season to use through to the end, to the perfectly choreographed ends of them both, the season filled with book, the book filled, no, seasoned with words and sand and the ink sunfaded and the pages windblown and stiff from having gotten saltwet and then dry again.

When the Time Comes

A TRANSLATION OF Wenn es soweit istBY ADRIAN WEST During Advent—the open black umbrella was white with snowflakes—Maximilian sought out the ninety-three-year-old Miss Glantschnig, who had, until recently, been able to go shopping every day and cook her own lunch, but who had lately been cared for by her daughter-in-law, Marlies, in exchange for a monthly fee.

from The Autobiography of a Corpse

Journalist Shtamm, whose “Letters from the Provinces” were signed “Etal,” among other pseudonyms, had decided to set out—on the heels of his letters—for Moscow.

Mrs. Meurt

Rumrill said: On a day when my employer still remembered his wife, he told me the story of how she and he had reacted to the news, conveyed by our neighborhood doctor, that she would not live to see the end of whatever season it then was when she and he had wended down their sovereign thoroughfares to his (the doctor’s) examination room.

Crazy Train

Molly Roth is an aspiring human being/contributing member of society based out of Brooklyn, New York.


Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages, which was just funded on Kickstarter, guaranteeing 10 issues.

Lao Area

Clement Baloup is a French-Vietnamese cartoonist currently living in Marseilles. His graphic memoir "Mémoires de Viet kieu", focusing on Asian immigration issues, got critical acclaim and won several awards. An illustrator for press and advertising, he is a regular guest lecturer in art schools and workshops in France, Asia, and the USA.


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