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Life of a Happy Man

The legendary avant-garde filmmaker, poet, archivist, and activist extraordinaire Jonas Mekas just turned 90, and his output is as unflagging as ever.

In Conversation

LINDA FRANCIS with Ben La Rocco

Linda Francis has been making paintings and drawings since the early ’80s using concepts in astronomy and physics as the starting point of her thinking and exploration of form.

In Conversation

Ishmael Randall-Weeks with Alex Bacon

Alex Bacon recently sat down with Ishmael Randall-Weeks to discuss the artist’s thoughts on utopia, audience, community, and futurity. Randall-Weeks’s work is on view at Eleven Rivington (Quoin, January 10 – February 10) and the Drawing Center (Cuts, Burns, Punctures, January 17 – March 13).

Art Without Criticism

In 1831, a year after the July Revolution in France, Heinrich Heine wrote about the Paris Salon and the art he encountered there. Heine observed that the exhibited paintings were like “poor children of art, to whom a busy crowd tossed only the alms of an indifferent glance.”

Art Criticism and the Marketing of Contemporary Art

When I began writing criticism in 1979, the market presence was known, but rarely appeared as a dominant issue. It was nothing compared to the booming multi-national enterprise that exists today.

In Conversation

Thomas Cahill with Phong Bui

Studio in a School President and CEO Tom Cahill and Publisher Phong Bui were tied up with their end of the year demands until recently when they finally had a chance to talk about Cahill’s life and work over a visit to Studio in a School’s Upper West Side headquarters.

In Conversation

ABC for/of Richard Tuttle
An epistolary interview with Jarrett Earnest, pt.3 “P-Z”

If Kant hadn’t been more hardworking than us, would we read him?

JOACHIM PISSARRO with Alexander S. C. Rower

Calder Foundation President Alexander S. C. Rower held a public talk with art historian Joachim Pissarro at Mnuchin Gallery on the occasion of Calder: The Complete Bronzes (October 25 – February 9, 2013).


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