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In Conversation

RICHARD MOVE with Ryan Wenzel

Martha Graham, the mother of American modern dance, showed a deep affinity with the “dark ladies” of Greek mythology: Jocasta, Phaedra, Clytemnestra

In Conversation

JUSTIN PECK with Ryan Wenzel

When New York City Ballet announced last year that it had commissioned Justin Peck, hopes were high that NYCB had found a fresh talent to add new ballets to its incomparable repertory.

Artful Limbo

Even before Pavel Zuštiak’s Amidst begins, you feel pleasantly disoriented. A thick fog fills the sprawling second floor theater at Performance Space 122.

Pleasures of the Fresh

Through its Fresh Tracks program, New York Live Arts (NYLA) offers selected performers a range of opportunities: a fully produced performance followed by a 50-hour residency and professional support programs.


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