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A Poetic Life
HARVEY SHAPIRO with Galen Williams

Harvey Shapiro, who passed away in early January just weeks before his 89th birthday, was the partner of my mother, Galen Williams, for 15 years. They had known each other for decades beforehand, as Harv (as I came to call him) moved in the same literary circles for many decades that my mother and my father, the late William Rossa Cole, traveled in.

In Conversation

An Animated Life
Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker

Bakshi, who grow up in Brownsville, is one of the pioneers of American animation.

Inside the Motor City

What to make of a city like Detroit? Once a thriving metropolis that lured working-class strivers with solid paychecks and stable neighborhoods, it now attracts attention like a deadly pile up on the freeway, with journalists (and readers) slowing to crane their necks and gawk.

The Pen is Mightier

Might my handwriting reveal something about me that I don’t already know? Flipping through the pages of Philip Hensher’s Missing Ink, I was delighted to find that of the many pictorial examples given, my own hand most closely resembles Adolf Hitler’s.

Being Grass

As a popular literary novelist, a key writer in the European magic realism movement, and a public intellectual whose work appears in all and sundry forms, Grass’s personal journal is guaranteed an enduring scholastic interest.

In Conversation

MITCH LEIGH with Phong Bui

On the occasion of the legendary composer/musician/producer’s 85th birthday, Mitch Leigh welcomed publisher Phong Bui to his Upper East Side office to talk about his life and work.

The Body Politic

Nancy Cohen’s book Delirium is a carefully researched and rigorously argued account of the role of sex-related issues in shaping modern American politics.

An Atlas of Tolerance

1968, in a tone of unassailable authority, an ethicist by the name of Joseph Fletcher stated that parents should feel no guilt “about putting a Down’s syndrome baby away.”

The People v. Barack Obama

When a significant right is threatened it is strange to think that our Supreme Court would suddenly abandon its ideals.


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