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In Dialogue

Anger and Forgiveness in Martin Moran’s All the Rage

I first met Martin Moran back in the 20th century when we were both just beginning our work as solo performers, experimenting with words and stories in the small theaters located in downtown Manhattan. Marty has always told deeply personal stories about sexuality, spirituality, and the mystery of the human experience.

Spring Season at the Starr: Joshua Conkel, Michael Levinton, and Eliza Bent

“I’m so scared.” These are the first words Joshua Conkel greets me with as we sit down for coffee on an early January evening. To be fair, he’s in the thick of rehearsals for his next show, The House of Von Macramé, a “pop-horror-fashion musical,” opening at the Bushwick Starr in a few weeks (the show runs through February 16).


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