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Notes on a Fallen Star

From a very early age, my sister was a whirlwind of energy and achievement.

Excerpts from J.-B. Pontalis’s Brother of the Above

A few years after the publication of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Jekyll and Hyde being two faces of the same man), Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Master of Ballantrae. A good part of the action of this novel takes place in Scotland. In 1745, when the story begins, war is on.

A Pack of Damn Lies

As soon as Balls saw Mr. Happy, he knew exactly what he wanted.

A Letter to Attorney General Holder

The Whistleblower Defense League is a nationwide group of experienced trial attorneys who have assembled to defend the principles of our democracy. The American people have an absolute right to know the truth about their government and the damaging influence of corporate wealth.


The Brooklyn Rail

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