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Where plants grow well, humans usually do well, / Rome, Paris, London, San Francisco. It must have / Something to do with the light. There is a small intaglio / Of Agrippa in “Augustus” in a glass-clear mineral, / Which creates an image in light, of light, by light.

Brazil’s Literary Hand Grenades

Because of this year’s World Cup, cities that had once been footnotes in our consciousness have suddenly gained in solidity and weight. Porto Alegre, in particular, one of the World Cup host cities alongside Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, has skyrocketed into the international consciousness.

The Ancestor of Hearts

The fur coat she was wearing hung as heavy as a child on her shoulders, and she looked stunned, arrived somehow by taxi, livery cab? Fleeced? Mrs. DePour’s large alligator bag was open.

LUCIO FONTANA Retrospective

Lucio Fontana is amongst those latter-day European modernists whose post-WWII reputation was made by a signature autographic gesture.

Liberation Music Orchestra and Charlie Haden’s Legacy

Charlie Haden, who passed away this year after a storied career as one of jazz’s most deeply valued bassists, titled his first recording as a bandleader Liberation Music Orchestra. The choices he made on the record were both deeply political and personally intuitive; Liberation Music Orchestra is bolted to its moment in history both as a response to the fog of war and an expression of the spontaneous self.

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, Sharon Louden’s collection of essays by contemporary artists, chronicles how these men and women have sustained themselves, both financially and intellectually, throughout their artistic careers.

Degrees of Privilege

Marx once wrote that “it is essential to educate the educator.” Of late, educators have done quite well all on their own.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

One thing is certain: the longer I live here the greater appreciation I gain for this ever-complex and lively city.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

Gender Games and the Art Machine

In April of this year, I had the opportunity to interview artist Kara Walker on the subject of her project at the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our discussion, printed in the May edition of the Brooklyn Rail, covered issues of race and class, the subjugation of the labor force, and the economic and political complexities that engender and sustain such division, none of which can be considered without a discussion of feminism.

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