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LANE RELYEA with Katy Siegel

Upon the release of his latest book, Your Everyday Art World, Lane Relyea met with Katy Siegel to discuss the historical and future implications of DIY, contemporary post-studio practices, and the the rising art world institution.

In Conversation

G.T. PELLIZZI with Nathlie Provosty

G.T. Pellizzi spent his formative years as an artist with the Bruce High Quality Foundation, of which he was a founding member, before venturing into his own distinct domain in 2011 with his first solo show at Y Gallery. On the occasion of Financial Times, his third solo show and first with Mary Boone Gallery (currently on view in the uptown location), Pellizzi met with Nathlie Provosty to talk about his life, his work, and the interwoven contructions of fantasy and reality.

In Conversation

ANN LIV YOUNG with Jarrett Earnest

Performance artist Ann Liv Young emerged as one of the most provocative figures of the 2000s. She often uses fairytales to foreground interactions between audience and performer—producing highly publicized confrontations with everyone from Penny Arcade to Georgia Sagri. Her work evolves a complex mythology centered around a character named Sherry. After traveling extensively in Europe with her family of collaborators, chief among them her partner Michael A. Guerrero, Young is back in New York to perform all four parts of her Sleeping Beauty at MoMA PS1.

In Conversation


Ann McCoy met with Krzysztof Wodiczko at De Robertis Pasticceria & Caffe in the East Village—which has functioned since the ’80s as his studio and office—to discuss his video projections on statuary and some of the psychological aspects of the work.

SEBASTIAN BLACK’s “Pink blink” and the Logic of the Screen

We live in an era when the virtual space of the digital screen has become the dominant lens by which we perceive, and thus make sense of, the world around us.


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