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Field Notes

Changing of the Guards

It appeared that the endless saga of the negotiations between the Syriza government and the European lenders had come to an end. After five months of ferocious zigzags, suspense, and fear, a certain deal had been reached. A sense of relief was radiating from the world press, the technocrats, and government bureaucrats. Whether the deal would be a success or not, however, seemed to depend on whom you ask.

Anti-worker’s Inquiry

Open the door, turn on the light, heat up the water, check the refrigerators, lay out the chairs, clean the tables, light the candles, put out the ashtrays, check the register, count the change, cut the limes, put on music, wash the glasses, turn on the fan, pour the beer, mix the drinks, serve the customers, listen to their stories, comfort their loneliness, make the ice, clean the counter, tell a joke, take the money.

Brooklyn Heights Blows It:
The Untold Story of Cadman Plaza

Sometime around 1950, “February House,” the famous boarding house for writers and artists at 7 Middagh Street in Brooklyn Heights, was bulldozed along with its neighbors to make way for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2015

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