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Horror Story

Taking full blame for this cumbersome formula (“displaced sightseeing”), if we try to find out when, why, and where Hassan got the habit of displaced sightseeing, then we will have to walk for a little while alongside Hassan down the path of his life…in fact, more importantly, we will have to see with Hassan, because the whole problem is of seeing, and what needs to be seen is what kind of seeing this will be.


And your special today is what? Pig lung soup? Okay, we’ll have that, very good for the respiratory system, so important in this cold weather. What else? Siu mai, crystal dumplings, of course—one basket each. Then turnip paste, phoenix claws—let me see the menu again. Also this, and this, and this. Is that too much food? Mui Foong, how hungry are you?

from Kid Coole

In the Kid’s corner Billy Faherty screams. The cutman Mike White talks. The spit-bucketman Ralph Half-Dog adds his two cents. Everyone yaps all at once so Kid can’t hear any of them.

Young Mothers

from the collection Vertigo out now from Dorothy, a publishing project It’s not so much that we were young, because some of us were already old, old enough for gray hairs. It’s more that our children had made us young. Already in the youth of our young motherhood our children had given birth to our function.

an extract from The Folly

out now from Archipelago Books Malgas donned his overalls and went next door. He found Nieuwenhuizen lying on his side in the shade under the hedge. He appeared to be sleeping, but as Malgas drew near he raised his head and opened his eyes.

Messages from Home

Since my grandmother registered her gmail address (using a false name to protect against identity theft) she has sent me some primo missives.


Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.


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