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JUNE 2016

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The world is uncomplicated when you have the currency, the ability to current if you have a plug, the kind of blade that slices air into heat;

Central Park West is uncomplicated when the insignificance of particulars veers surface tension, in which we recognize there’ll be data like this I’m sure the world is moving all the time but at micro the room angles differently landing a new frequency stroke suspected a headache constellation an angle to the backside of the skull it goes grey televised snow forgets how to feel;

Elevator maintenance is uncomplicated when scalding remains live as core attach microscopic foundations, an installation in which the very personal is represented by pink lines of demarcation on the level where the crook makes the leg machinery fresh lines indicating an interference from nails attached to the same skeleton in which the very personal installs view reaches out to each of the you’s in questions of taste in connection: Installed scratch marks indicate found body parts against itself / and you? and you and you and;

Microsoft Excel is uncomplicated when you suspend your disgust to the realm of evolving nomenclature strung chains of misuse:  a font is not a font is not a font;

PETA is uncomplicated when you adopt others’ tragedies, derivations of experience to relive and change historically shocked by its graphic nature provides context in residual form chronically and statistical treatment of the white of bathtub chrome walls are porous where walls are built to hold sound inside we wonder if parties departure of interiors;

Botox is uncomplicated when the hole bears down to the core only the hole isn't a hole but a trail of drip concentric life lines a mark on home the dog screams but the dog is a traffic stop one of those things that keeps can and can’t in a draw bridge fortress of Little Italy’s garbage a pneumatic devises a guard sits in a little box equivalent to Achilles’ heel felt in the molars if it’s not coming its not coming if the temple goes numb;

MetroNorth is uncomplicated when the kind of revolver that takes blame for abstractions and backfires the handle out of a backpack the kind of revolution back-springs down under weight of a differing body concepting a free country allows for metallics and other horizontals keep standing energy on its other edge;

Tourism is uncomplicated when time clumps in constellations why a countdown clock face first counts beat after metronomes won’t account for alarms and other time variables a garden snake other people’s pot roasts;

Adult contemporary is uncomplicated if you don’t adapt well are well adjusted are actuarially sound are not “whole” are mostly “whole” are always often sometimes rarely never when walking down a flight of stairs
the downs are all stops;

Poetry is uncomplicated when a hedge fund in the forest is preferable to a hedge fund in the sky often escaping circles and other social formations for the purpose of air transitory lining quantifies cyclical tempers the heat faced lining takes leave seeks out future systems of categorization;

The Unitarian Church is uncomplicated when the man who enters the train is a starfish but resembles a person who calls into question the efficacy of washing from fruit paid to the cat who knows what he has and curiosity limits to the rat king’s Nutcracker choreography in which agile, fur and spinal limitations are not what they seem who often enters into present participation accepts conclusive evidence of the probability of laws of nature and each section erases other;

Philip Seymour Hoffman is uncomplicated when a still station aggressive motion approaches the metal siding in liquid occurs to the eyes when the asymptotic peel of light on laid track the peel of sound constellations everything granulates into surfaces and then out in phases into elementary color forms wherein the outer limits of the skull come to define the experience of the mind;

Coming is uncomplicated when a conceptual performance piece is a multi-million dollar bonus occurring at a time of failure in which money is taken out of circulation through its ascent to the top;

Old Spice is uncomplicated when a painting can be written the language of pigment money as currency and currently as truth money as pigment a raw voice in 1992 may become mediated by green matter all the pronouns and relations vacated by 2016;

Wealth management is uncomplicated when the early stick catches the firebomb when no such laws register quake when no such law relegates discharge other mammals pillared just like me some world’s incongruous failing synthesis to believe in arches, knowledge, limestone, gold leaf institutional belief in other mammals constitute these stairs swept gold price of marble rated lead;

Capital is uncomplicated when a stalking horse bid travels as hard to revel as to unravel one foot in either pot perpetual assistance perpetually evidence oscillating stuck fast to the enemy bridge beam frozen notary one can’t succeed without follow can’t fail through feigned freeze why not poetry the engineering why poetry the micro engineering the aggressions why I can’t bridge the vibrations;

The Dakota is uncomplicated when a stone face cuts red to black is read to highlight intonation of intentional accidents on tour glimpse of change under the fire wall walk with oak in mind what you’re made of someone else’s story throws shock out of sitting potential curated to occupy greetings and other occupations agreed to reminisce on suitor traditions not enough opportunity crawling inside own skin out across from balloons there’s a little flame that says not enough not anymore


Georgia Faust

GEORGIA FAUST grew up in downtown Manhattan and lives in a vortex under the Brooklyn botanic gardens where she presides over poetry and corporate bankruptcy administration.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2016

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