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Uncle Ho’s Poetry


it is well when
your life becomes
your destiny as
happens with our
great political
figures Uncle Ho
the wanderer
the chimera
creator or re-
ceiver of lost
the poet who
spoke like a
dark sharp peak
emerging from
clouds before
called leadership
to himself you
felt important for
his was the blend
of violent and non

man of the people
rice paddy to
world stage
possible in
poetry and spirit-
ual evanescence
he is lost be-
hind for me
a destiny not
completed in
life or death
for Americans
to die in his
name to call
it a reason
when he had
no name...

I’d rather have
the man behind
the name than
the name be-
come cause
a slippage and
cause making
death meaning-
less a strategy
old as war itself
the non-deduc-
tive East a last
blow, corollary...



Richard Tuttle

Richard Tuttle recently showed with James Ensor  – a hero, whom he feels has brought the verbal and visual to the same plane, as well as contributing to the literature of artists who write about art – in Ostend, Belgium.  Enlisting as a pilot in Vietnam, the Air Force decided Tuttle could not be trusted to "push the button", and gave an honorable discharge.  The wounds of those years, for many, he believes, are still not healed. A suggested reading list from RT: Ho Chi Minh: A Life, by William J. Duiker; Down With Colonialism! (speeches of Ho Chi Minh, with an introduction by Walter Bello), & The Prison Poems of Ho Chi Minh (with an intro and photos by Larry Towell; also in various editions).


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