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two poems for bitches




Our goals can never be achieved through evolution, only through revolution
-Shulamith Firestone               

be a woman    reality  with yr hand on the thigh of my eros  please her

   as you ejact      spirituality from the real's repression                       eating

yr fist     mother nature interior               keeps both earspressed    to the wall

                                      with tiniest voice inside it                       the soft fall

            of an old newspaper              yr only alive for part of this simulation once

be a woman      under flesh eating flowers     thought worms   attracted

to the glow-eyed`       who wait for no sunshine           be a woman   doom

doom   an accident     blackthorned   eglantine          loosely diagnostic

              my heart is a fine hurtle over which you climb

                                                       as if   no one lived there

it is not             an alarming situation

            but a gross  abuse       of life  sex     power     we've met him

many times before                  be a woman    turning             turnt

ore of the most sweeping global paranoia     ruinous                fuckable

girlhoods         capsizing         (to get rid of the Earth    will be man's

            ultimate sexual domination)     be a woman    he wants it

to be a surprise prove he knows her worth  a   hand   in    mouth    the myths

as product       and their reproducibility inside me       for a fee

            she'll raise you a little erotic charge    a violent   pocket of time

be a woman    supposed not to be   a woman           deconstructing

deep optic fantasy      I am a cunt in the earthbloodying pure heaven

a woman   composing unpower in the vaginal billfolds     of the cycle's open secret

            the silence is the folding action              of concealment        sex

   on a dead thing        men there

            be a woman





I'm actually looking for somewhere to live

I'm looking for somewhere     as a living space

I'm at the shelter now       but I'm looking

I have   a daughter    and I      don't     want

any perverts        I'm looking for somewhere

that we can     live           are any of you from

here?       I'm looking for a place   that we can

go    I'm actually    looking    and I have a

daughter    looking   for a place     we      can  

somewhere                    actually     



Mel Elberg

Mel Elberg is a queer poet interested in speculative feminisms and the effect of writing on our experience of time.


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JUNE 2018

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