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November Listings

November Listings

Nuits Sonores, Brussels

Nuits Sonores is an electronic music festival, but there is always room for a musical detour.

Do We Deserve Beethoven?

You can buy Beethoven in a box. Lots and lots of boxes, or on individual flat discs of various sizes. You can rent him, temporarily and in the moment, through your computer or other streaming device. That is, you can own him, but do you deserve him?

slowthai And The Path Out

When he attacks other rappers who write lyrics about drug dealing for their lack of imagination, he sounds bitter enough that I suspect there’s a degree of self-criticism involved.

It's Not A Safe Space But It’s Where We Live: Listening to Stew and the Negro Problem's Notes of a Native Song and Total Bent

It’s rare when a new album comes out that affects us so deeply that we are impelled to listen to it repeatedly and write down its lyrics. That’s what happens with Stew and the Negro Problem’s two fresh cast albums


In Jake Marmer’s latest collection of poems, The Neighbor Out of Sound, his second on Sheep Meadow Press, we have his continued interest in Jewish constructs—in this case the nigun—described in the book as a traditional Hassidic chant, usually wordless.


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