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Political Fairy Tales: The Russian and the Jew

The Russian & The Jew weaves a deeply human fable of a time and place very foreign to our contemporary New York lives. But amid lofty aspirations for equality under Communism, sexism and anti-Semitism bleed through the well-meaning veneer in ways that might feel oddly familiar, here and now.

IN DIALOGUE: Toothy Divinity in Jessica Dickey’s The Convent

Every time I read, or see, one of Dickey’s plays, I am struck by how darkly funny they are, and by how much space and love she gives to her characters, despite their faults.

"I Shame You Because I Love You" and Other Songs: Slanty Eyed Mama’s Zombie Asian Moms

Slanty Eyed Mama are a spoken word/electronic music duo comprised of actor/playwright Kate Rigg and electric violinist Lyris Hung whose shows are a fusion of rock songs, stand-up comedy, theater, and video installation. Their new show, Zombie Asian Moms, goes up at Tony Award-winning La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club from November 29th to December 9th. 


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