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Field Notes

Editor’s Note: Let's Have That Recession!

By and large, it has to be admitted, things aren’t looking good: the German economy is stalling, Chinese growth has slowed, U.S. manufacturing is down. The world’s central banks are taking the situation seriously enough to pour scads of newly printed dollars, euros, and renminbi into financial circuits in an effort to stimulate lending, investment, and so a resumption of growth.

Yellow Vests in a New Social Landscape

Was the movement nothing but a new populist upsurge, an interclassist mix of small-time business owners, independent contractors, and workers? Was it some sort of rightwing or even far-right backlash? As the government flailed around trying to contain it and finally caved in on the fuel tax issue, I realized there was more to this movement than we’d first thought.

In Conversation

"All These Things Are Connected"

In August 2019, a radical group in Hamburg invited G.M. Tamás and Pavlos Roufos to have a public discussion about nationalism, sovereignty, and post-fascism. After the talk, Roufos sat down with Tamás and had the following conversation.


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OCT 2019

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