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Fairy Tales About Climate Change

As Guy Routh explained forty years ago in his magisterial book, The Origin of Economic Ideas, economics has preposterous origins. Since the time of Adam Smith, the new academic discipline was linked through the emerging class of merchants and manufacturers to the rich and powerful in general, and fulfilled the ideological role of presenting the emerging capitalist system as the best of all possible worlds.

Repeating Israel

Many years have passed since Israel was earnestly held up as "a light unto the nations," whether in a religious or more secular-utopian sense. This seems to be changing in the last few years, but with a horrific ironic twist.

Suffocation of the Young: A Report from Brooklyn on Schooling, Childhood and Mental Illness Today

At some point during the workday, you may have considered that your role in creating a product or service somehow plays an important part in sustaining the world we live in, even if that world leaves much to be desired.


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