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Challenging Assumptions: Images Festival's in support of sex work Program

While transgressive sexuality holds currency and appeal within contemporary art milieus, its execution can come at the exclusion or fetishization of sex workers.

Philosophy For Living

Like much of the work of filmmakers with former associations with Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab, the film has aesthetic qualities that rival anything contemporary documentary has to offer. Images are remarkably composed, with consistently interesting framing and smart manipulation of natural light, as well as sound design and editing that intensifies the visual environment being depicted or serves to link scenes together smoothly and create continual flow.

In Conversation

ZIA ANGER with Mike Tully

I think that the audience’s reactions have led me to believe that a lot of people have walked away feeling very inspired to revisit themselves and to revisit all the things that have made them who they are, the people around them, revisit all of those relationships, and think about all the potential that they have inside of them. All the potential that their community holds and what can come from that.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2020

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