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Sara Magenheimer’s Beige Pursuit

The artist’s first book-length text reads alternately like a screenplay and a long poem, its sparsely populated pages asking to be consumed slowly.

Lorena Lohr’s Tonight Lounge

This book of photographs showcases snippets of what one might call the normal, or at least the ordinary, documenting glimpses of small towns using 35mm color film and assorted cheap cameras.

Jonas Mekas’s I Seem to Live: The New York Diaries 1950–1969

The first volume of this multidisciplinary filmmaker’s diaries is a record that bears a unique vision of what it’s like to be alive, with a young man’s earnestness and a fierceness that comes from hard-won experience.

Mayumi Hosokura’s New Skin

At a time when touch is limited, a new photobook showing an abstracted collage of bodies—disembodied arms, clutching hands, bottoms of feet, clumps of hair, edges of chests and nipples—reminds us of the alluring sensuality of contact.

Alice Trumbull Mason: Pioneer of American Abstraction

Daughter Emily Mason decided it was time to sort through her mother’s archive of a life spent championing abstract art in America to compile a monograph that richly illustrates and closely examines her mother’s paintings, prints, and poems.


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