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Art In Conversation

Allison Janae Hamilton with Yasi Alipour

Yasi Alipour speaks with Allison Janae Hamilton about her performance work, her family legacies, and her affection for swamp country as the artist prepares for her debut solo exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery.

Art In Conversation

Paul McCarthy with Dan Cameron

Rail Editor-at-Large, Dan Cameron, talks with Paul McCarthy about the trajectory of performance art, his interest in television as a medium, and his current collaboration with Lilith Stangenberg.

Art In Conversation

Robert Polidori with Jean Dykstra

Jean Dykstra speaks with Robert Polidori about his photographs of human habitats, from the sprawling, “auto-constructed” cities of Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai to interiors in places like Versailles.

Art In Conversation

Rachel Eulena Williams with Louis Block

Louis Block speaks with artist Rachel Eulena Williams about memory and transformation in her two solo shows, and finding order within disorder.

Art In Conversation

Edra Soto with Robert R. Shane

Robert R. Shane speaks with Edra Soto about the artist's early love for painting, the evolution of her installation work, and the inspiration she finds caring for her mother in Puerto Rico.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

At this very moment, Poetry seems to be “essential” to how we mobilize the richness of language instead of the politicized, simplistic deployment of language that erodes our ability to communicate to each other with full complexity.

Editor's Message

Proximity of Violence & Our Black Woman Bodies

Closing my eyes doesn’t take away the violent images, but it allows me to brace for the pain.

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