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N.H. Pritchard’s The Matrix and EECCHHOOEESS

These poetry collections exemplify the literary innovation of this era—a commitment to the pursuit and study of sound and a symbolic resistance to legibility. Pritchard’s poetry illustrates a specific tenant of jazz poetics: words are more malleable when deconstructed.

Maureen O’Leary’s Record

This photobook presents reverential photographs that are meditations on the systems, structures, functions, and duties of government. From initial conception to final execution, the project spanned ten years (2010–2020), with Washington DC as the primary setting.

Deanna Dikeman’s Leaving and Waving

The photographs narrate the artist’s 27-year-long goodbye game with her family. Inescapable here is the perpetual thrum of time’s undertow, taking us towards the end, one wave at a time.

Interspecies Futures, Veiled Taxonomies, and Lights, Tunnels, Passages, and Shadows
at Center for Book Arts

All three exhibitions manifest theorist Donna Haraway’s concept of sympoiesis and use the forms of the book to enlarge what constitutes knowledge and being together. In these profound (and profoundly different) engagements with sensing, we realize that the book not only contains knowledge, but also invites ethics—how can and should humans engage?

Frankie Alduino’s Vertical Village

When Westbeth Artists Housing opened in 1970, it was a radical model for communal living in a city that was increasingly unaffordable for most artists. The photobook is an attempt to celebrate this colorful community and a last-ditch effort at preserving this fading element of the city’s cultural heritage.


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