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Field Notes

The Knife At Your Throat

When the monster is unveiled, there is not really a surprise: high wages, free-flowing stimulus checks, too much money spent on social programs—all different ways of saying too much money in the hands of those who were born to have less.

In Conversation

States of Incarceration: Zhandarka Kurti and Jarrod Shanahan with Tobi Haslett

This book, perhaps the most synthetic and ambitious look at the George Floyd Rebellion, is an attempt to view the events of 2020 from the perspective of complete social transformation—which is to say, revolution.

“Non Ti Schiantare”—On the Road to Rome and Fascism

A hundred years after Mussolini’s March on Rome, Italy is once again asserting itself as a laboratory of the Western world, with a party directly descended from historic fascism headed for power. Faced with this situation, a Calabrian writer friend recently invited us to come and learn from his people of Aspromonte. These descendants of shepherds and Greek philosophers of millenia past have an saying redolent of centuries of resistance to colonization in the north of Italy: “non ti schiantare”—“don’t be afraid.”


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