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Karen Han’s Bong Joon Ho: Dissident Cinema

As a careful survey of a filmmaker whose work is not yet finished, Dissident Cinema is a compelling appraisal and appreciation of Bong’s body of work. Tackling each of his seven features (and more), Han contextualizes the films and filmmaker through various essays and a series of interviews with some of Bong’s frequent collaborators.

The Greatest Films You’ll Never See

Our goal is to raise awareness of movies on film in need of preservation, of indie or experimental films that don't get the attention they deserve, and even of bigger productions that were cast aside for unjust political reasons. With advice from our contributors, the film editors present you with our winter 2022 list of the greatest films you’ll never see.

Ross Lipman’s The Case of the Vanishing Gods

With the exception of the good doctor, the cast consists entirely of puppets and their puppeteers. This unusual configuration becomes the framework for Lipman’s mining of archival film and television footage for his thesis on the dizzying entanglement of popular entertainment, psychological splits, and spirituality.

Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All (2022)

Bones and All manages to balance the chaste intimacy of a typical YA novel with an appetite for the shock and gore of a body horror flick. But it is Guadagnino’s vision of 1980s Americana that arises as particularly potent for a film making a statement about the relationship between queer desire and social exclusion.


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