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Austin Osman Spare’s Psychopathia Sexualis

These drawings visualize a grotesque menagerie of sexual beings. It is through a psychological paradigm that Spare’s erotica must be read, for, like all his work, these drawings emerged from a psychic flow-state in which bodies often personified meaning.

Mary Heilmann’s The All Night Movie

This book shows how connected many of her paintings are to specific moments, people, and places in her life. She uses words and images to trace her life from her early years in California to her arrival at artistic maturity in New York in the early 1990s.

Spencer Longo’s TIME

The book uses unstapled pages from Time magazine as the bases of its collages. It shows what it feels like to live in a crumbling empire, in an era widely regarded as “the end of history.”

Isolde Brielmaier’s I Am Sparkling: N.V. Parekh and His Portrait Studio Clients

This book offers a counter-narrative to engaging with African photographic archives as well as photographic histories at large. Challenging the history of canonizing and prioritizing photographers, Brielmaier instead shifts the focus to Parekh’s sitters, particularly women, as a crucial part of the image itself.


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